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Our Story

We firmly believe that building a business that helps a good cause along the way is the only way to grow. We have teamed up with CSAH and the Tiny House Project to help lead the efforts in building and sustaining community practices to eliminate homelessness. These are people that fought for our country and they deserve for someone to fight for them. The tiny house community, called the Cove at Dundee, will provide 37 permanent homes and 11 transitional homes for veterans. The Cove at Dundee also includes 2 clubhouses, a tiny medical clinic, and gardens. The Tiny House Project is based on the Housing First Model. This model is a cost-effective and evidence-based approach to ending homelessness

The older I got, the more I wanted to simplify my wardrobe to plain, comfortable clothing. Out with the graphic tees, in with the basics. I started out buying the traditional Hanes and Kirkland packs from Target for cheap. I quickly realized that with cheap plain tees; they were never fitted, the collars would stretch out, they shrunk too much and wouldn’t hold up past a few washes. Mainly because the cheap tees are always 100% cotton. I wanted something higher quality. The one issue I kept running into was that the price point for premium basic tees was in the $30 to $40 range per shirt. Nobody was putting out high quality basics that were reasonably priced. I started buying tons of different shirts from wholesalers searching for the best material and fit. After hundreds of samples and endless design work, we came up with the perfect tee! The final product ended up being a 60/40 cotton/polyester blend that was fitted around the arms, shoulders, sides and a little room in the front for dad bods. Our team here at True Classic hopes you love them as much as we do!